Our pilot projects have been successfully completed and have shown:

Large customers from the electrical, pharmaceutical and food industries are enthusiastic!

The customers were particularly impressed by the improved operating concept and the revised user interface of the ACC V5.0 - our ACC V5.0 is even more efficient thanks to the new options for quick implementation of requirements in alarm management, the simplified participant handling and the modern shift planning via drag & drop.


For you, this means that your production or system can be monitored more easily and cost-effectively.

And the best: The ACC V5.0 is now available at particularly attractive prices.

So passed the baptism of fire? "All along the line." Says Florian Glufke, Managing Director and Head of Development, "We are happy to have successfully completed this phase of development and are now fully focused on the official launch."

This is on October 1st, 2018. Order the new ACC too, you will recognize malfunctions at an early stage and thereby avoid failures!


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