The Alarm IT Factory is now offering all customers and interested parties a new agent for the Alarm Control Center - the WinCC OA Agent. This further increases the extensive portfolio of specially developed ACC agents.

For us software engineers and alarm specialists, the perfect integration of the agent in a control system was once again the top priority! The integration was successfully implemented through the use of WinCC OA's own programming interface.

In WinCC OA there are completely new alarm management options for the end user thanks to the integration of our agent:


  • The easy configuration of the agent ensures an easy selection of the message recipients.


  • Filtering based on the message priority: This enables you to only issue alarms from certain, definable limit values / priorities. Only certain data points can also be set as alarm triggers. The ACC filters out all other messages for you. So you (or your maintenance staff) always get only the relevant alarm messages.


  • If you want, you can send messages direct acknowledged by the agent in WinCC OA. Once the alarm has been issued from the control system, you only have to acknowledge it once on the relevant terminal device. Annoying double acknowledgment is no longer necessary.


  • Event forwarding: Events such as "message acknowledged" or "message gone" can be forwarded to the ACC in order to inform the message recipients about them.


  • redundancy and thus reliability is again the top priority for the ACC!
    That means: never again miss an important message or never receive it in the first place. Because thanks to (optional) redundant systems and a perfect connection to WinCC OA, the ACC always issues reliable alarms!


  • Message texts You can easily configure it yourself with a wide variety of parameters from WinCC OA.


In addition, the WinCC OA Agent of the Alarm Control Center offers a number of other useful functions such as the support of multilingualism, the organization and handling of mass and individual messages.

Curious what the ACC can get out of your system? Then simply order the WinCC OA agent SloopTools, the online store for WinCC OA tools.

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