• We are pleased to announce that the further developed ACC version 4.11 has been released.
  • Save time with the new OPC agent; set any items with the OPC channel and always remain mobile and flexible - the further developed version 4.11 of the Alarm Control Center brings a lot of optimizations with it and is available for you immediately.
  • The innovations at a glance:
  • Uncomplicated and time-saving: the new OPC agent
    With the new OPC agent, messages can be easily generated using OPC items: You can define when an alarm should be triggered and which message text and which alarm group it has. Elaborate configuration of an OPC connection between two computers is also a thing of the past: The agent can be installed directly on the OPC server as a remote agent and supports all available OPC DA versions (2.0, 2.1a and 3.0).
  • Individual settings with the OPC channel
    With the help of our OPC channel, you can set any OPC items with an alarm. For example, if a message does not reach any participants, you have the option to activate a horn or a warning light. The OPC channel supports all available OPC DA versions (2.0, 2.1a and 3.0).
  • Stay mobile and flexible
    Thanks to our iPhone channel and our free iPhone app, you can also send messages from your system directly to your iPhone or iPad and conveniently manage and acknowledge them there. Regardless of whether there is still a need for action, whether the message has already gone or a colleague has acknowledged the message, you will always be up to date. You can find more information about our iPhone app at: iTunes Store
    Together with our free Android app and our TCP channel, you can of course also send messages via your local company network to your Android smartphone and edit them in a user-friendly way. You can find more information about our Android app at: Google Play Store
    With the help of our new SMS channel for TCP/IP, you can also send messages via the Internet via SMS. The channel supports the TAP and UCP protocols.
  • Easy setup and easy upgrade
    With our new setup, the Alarm Control Center installation process is now easier. The installation of the core system and the remote agents are now combined in one setup. Versions 4.7, 4.8 and 4.10 can be easily upgraded with our new setup. All configuration data is automatically migrated to the new version. We are also working on improving the installation, so in the next release the SQL server will be installed fully automatically.
  • Forwarding channel
    Do you have a redundant ACC system and want to further increase the system's reliability? Use our forwarding channel, which forwards reports from one ACC to another. If the communication channel of an ACC fails due to a fault, the message is forwarded to the redundant ACC and sent from there.
  • Support ACC version 3
    Free support for ACC version 3 was discontinued on March 31, 2015. ACC Version 4 is available as a successor product.
  • Do you want to update? Then turn to Peter Gunsser.