Intensive weeks and months lie behind us and further challenging times will follow. We sincerely hope that you all have made it through the Corona time well and healthy.

We at Alarm IT Factory are there for you as usual! Our colleagues from the sales department as well as our support teams will continue to deal promptly and competently with all your inquiries regarding the Alarm Control Center (ACC) and Production Control Technology. Also, we continue to provide you with a comprehensive range of services such as workshops, product presentations and commissioning - Corona-compliant, as remote services.

And now have fun with our latest newsletter!

1. New version model
From 2020 on, a new version of the ACC will be released on November 1st each year. This also results in a new version model. The ACC V21 will now be released on 01.11.2020. ACC V22 will follow on 01.11.2021. The version number therefore corresponds to the end digits of the following year. Thereby, you can see immediately whether you are working with the current version.

2. Release of the new release ACC V21 on November 1st, 2020
The countdown has started! On November 1st, 2020 we will launch our brand-new release ACC V21. Let yourself be inspired by several new features that will further improve the useability and performance of your ACC.

The new features:

  • Clear dashboard: The new start page of the ACC V21

With our new start page, you have everything in view. On the dashboard you can see all important information about your ACC in a transparent way. The following widgets are now available:

    • Five archive widgets to identify relevant messages immediately:
      • All messages
      • Open messages
      • Pending messages
      • Successful messages
      • Failed messages
    • Two diagram widgets for displaying the alarm volume within the last ...:
      • …8 hours
      • …24 hours
    • One widget each for the status of the ACC core system and the status of the agents and channels of the ACC

Widgets for system monitoring, license overview, statistical evaluations will follow in the next ACC versions.

  • Agent WinCC Unified

You would like to connect your ACC to the new SIMATIC WinCC Unified visualization system from Siemens? No problem! With the help of the new agent WinCC Unified, messages from WinCC Unified systems can easily be sent via the ACC to mobile devices such as smartphones, smart watches, or pagers. The messages can then be accepted and rejected on said devices. By accepting the message, it can also be acknowledged in WinCC Unified.

  • Agent OPC UA

The OPC UA Agent has been enhanced with an Excel import function for configuration. This allows you to easily manage your configuration data with message texts and alarm groups in Microsoft Excel. If changes are made to the configuration data, the Excel file can simply be re-imported.

  • Option Change Log

Even more overview: In the new change log you can see in detail which user has made which change to a data record. For archiving purposes, all changes can also be printed out.

  • Option Team Plan

With the new option Team Plan you can quickly and transparently assign the support of systems to your technicians. The messages are sent directly to the respective technicians.

Also, the technicians can independently assign systems to themselves via their smartphones using the ACC app - without the help of an administrator. The administration of a shift calendar can thus be omitted under certain circumstances.

  • New channel for smartphones and new ACC app for Android and iOS

The new smartphone channel now allows messages to be sent to Android devices via push. The new ACC App V1.2.0 for Android and iOS includes the following features:

    • Messages can be accepted or rejected directly from the message list by a simple swipe.
    • Your user status can be automatically reset to the status "Present" after a configurable time interval. For example, after a meeting you will automatically receive messages on your smartphone again without having to manually set your participant status again.
    • The app supports the new Team Plan option.
    • You can filter the messages in the message list by various criteria – for better transparency.

The ACC App V1.2.0 is again available as a free download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. To receive messages via SMS and TCP you can still use the Android app V4.10, which you can download from our website.

  • Accept messages on your Apple Watch

You can now accept or reject messages directly on your Apple Watch. Thus, you are no longer dependent on your smartphone ...and have both hands free.

  • User interface now also in French

With the new version V21, the user interface of your ACC is now also available in French. The French documentation is in progress.

  • ACC V21 compatibility

ACC V21 is compatible with the following systems:

    • Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019
    • SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2016, SQL Server 2017, and SQL Server 2019

ACC V21 is deliverey with SQL Server Express 2017.

Would you like to learn more about the new features of V21? We would be happy to present them to you in a live webinar. Simply contact us at:

3. Support and upgrade contracts
With our support and upgrade contracts, your ACC is perfectly prepared for the future! Your system is always technically up-to-date and you benefit from the new features. The guaranteed response times of our support and the flexible on-call service guarantee you high system availability and thus a smooth and reliable operation of your systems. With a support and upgrade contract you also profit from a plannable size for your budget. You can choose between the Advanced, Professional and Enterprise models. They differ in the guaranteed service and response times, among other things.

4. Shutdown of the 3G network in Germany
On June 30, 2021, the 3G/UMTS network of Telekom and Vodafone in Germany will be switched off. The 2G network will serve as a fallback solution for 3G until further notice.

Therefore, please check whether you want to replace your possibly outdated terminal (terminal MC52i, MC55i, MC55i-W, PHS8-P or older) with a newer, 4G-compatible version in the course of the shutdown.

If you have any questions regarding the shutdown and need support, we will be happy to assist you. Contact us at

5. Shutdown of the 2G network in Switzerland
Unlike in Germany, the 3G network in Switzerland will remain in place for the time being. However, the 2G network there will be switched off at the end of 2020. The SMS terminals TC35, TC35i, MC52i, MC55i, MC55i-W only support 2G and therefore must be replaced.

So please check if you want to replace your possibly outdated terminal with a newer, 4G-compatible version in the course of the shutdown.

If you have any questions regarding the shutdown and need support, we will be happy to assist you. Contact us at

With best regards from Stuttgart,
Your team from the Alarm IT Factory