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    Updated annually: Innovations in the Alarm Control Center V21

    Alarm Control Center V21

    For the reliable transmission of the alarm from the production control system to the end device, we update the software version of our alarm control center every year.

    With the next Alarm Control Center (ACC) we will implement the new release and approval planning for the upcoming ACC versions. The new ACC is released for delivery on November 1 of each year. This also results in a new versioning. The ACC V21 will be released on November 1st, 2020 and then ACC V22 on November 1st, 2021. The version number corresponds to the last digits of the following year. This way you can see immediately whether you are working with the current version.

    This means that a new version with new features, compatibility with new versions of the control systems and compatibility with new versions of Windows and the MS SQL server is available to you every year.

    New for mobile: Android app and associated channel for smartphones

    With the new smartphone channel, both the iPhone and the Android app will communicate with the ACC in the future. The Android app has been redeveloped with all the features of the ACC iPhone app. Here, too, our redundant ACC web service is used in the cloud and the messages are no longer received via SMS or TCP. This also allows the app to be placed back in the Google Play Store. The push notifications are sent via the Google push service Firebase.

    Alarm Control Center V21
    Alarm Control Center V21

    Comfortable Innovations for our iPhone and Android app

    Greater comfort leads to greater acceptance among users, automated settings to more efficiency in alarm management. In addition to the newly developed Android app, we have integrated further features into our apps. The participant status can now be automatically reset to Present after a configurable time interval. For example, the employee receives For example, after a meeting, the notifications are automatically sent back to his smartphone without having to set the participant status manually.

    In addition, messages can now be accepted or rejected directly in the push notification. This is quick and it is no longer necessary to open the notification on the app. In the Apple Watch you can now accept or reject notifications directly on your Apple Watch.

    Alarm Control Center V21
    Alarm Control Center V21

    Clear Dashboard - The new start page of the Alarm Control Center

    Everything in view. As a new function we have developed the dashboard. Our goal: a simple and clear user interface for the ACC V21.

    The different information is displayed with widgets. In the new version, the most important messages are displayed in an archive widget. You can see at a glance in the license widget whether there are enough licenses available for new participants or whether a demo license is about to expire.

    New interface: Agent for WinCC Unified

    Would you like to connect the Alarm Control Center to the new visualization system in the TIA Portal WinC Unified from Siemens? With the Alarm Control Center you are already ready for the future of visualization.

    As you already know from the agent for WinCC Classic V7.5, you can also use the message blocks in the WinCC project to very easily configure the agent for WinCC Unified which information is to be transferred from the visualization system to the agent and thus for alarming via the ACC are important.

    Alarm Control Center V21

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    Alarm Control Center V21

    Improved agent for OPC UA

    The OPC Unified Architecture is a platform-independent, service-oriented architecture. It integrates the functionality of the previous OPC Classic standard into an expandable framework. The agent in the ACC for this standard previously made it possible to read out the necessary data such as message text or alarm group from the OPC server and then use it for alarming.

    In version V21, the ACC user interface has been expanded so that existing connections with the OPC DA standard can be easily transferred to the new world. This means that the existing configuration of an agent for OPC DA in Excel can now also be imported directly using an import function.

    And here are other innovations that the Alarm Control Center V21 will offer you:

    Change log option

    The change logs can now show in detail which participant made which change to a data record. All changes can also be printed out for later archiving.

    SQL Server 2019

    The ACC setup now automatically installs the current SQL Server Express version 2019.


    The current version of the Nuance Text-To-Speech Engine is automatically installed by the ACC Setup.

    Automobile. signing off

    Users can auto. and logged off unattended.

    And much more…

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