New features for the SMS-GSM channel

  • Do you want to know who is taking care of a report? All recipients of the message receive information about the subscriber who accepted it via the SMS-GSM channel.
  • Do you want to make sure that the SMS reaches your recipients? The SMS-GSM channel can now request delivery reports, evaluate them and thus guarantee the receipt of your message.
  • Are you not sure whether your acknowledgment has actually been processed? The SMS-GSM channel confirms whether you or a colleague has accepted the message.
  • Do you want to send messages as normal SMS and to the Android app? It is now very easy to operate both modes in parallel with one channel.
  • Do you like it easy? Setting up the SMS-GSM channel is now very simple, only the specification of the serial interface and the SIM card PIN is necessary. The remaining parameters are set automatically when the connected terminal is recognized by the SMS-GSM channel.
  • To ensure future security, we support new GSM terminals that you can purchase directly from us. The already used MC52i and MC55i GSM terminals will continue to be supported by the SMS-GSM channel.

Innovations in the Android app

  • You can also use the new features of the SMS-GSM channel with the Android app. It shows who has accepted a report and how you can contact them.
  • The speed of the speech output (TextToSpeech) can be set.

SQL Server 2012

  • The new release supports Microsoft SQL Server 2012, the support of which is guaranteed until at least November 2017.
  • The new setup of the Alarm Control Center enables an easy upgrade from older 4.X versions to the new version 4.12 with complete data transfer.