Alarm! Before the hut burns


We are pleased to be in the current issue 5/2023 of the specialist magazine FACTORY INNOVATION to be represented with a contribution. In the success story entitled “Alarm! “Before the hut burns” the advantages of a quick and safe alarm are demonstrated by our team Alarm Control Center described and the relevance highlighted.Factory Innovation Alarm IT FactoryAbstract: During turbulent economic times, the need for companies to prepare for unforeseen events is greater than ever. Even the most meticulous preparations sometimes cannot prevent smoothly functioning processes from suddenly coming to a halt. There are many reasons for this: be it a smoldering fire in a warehouse, an unexpected production stop, overheating in the data center or an overflow in the sewage treatment tank.

It is crucial for companies to minimize economic losses by immediately identifying disruptions and forwarding them to the appropriate experts. This means they can react quickly and put the systems back into operation. Dead spots, exhausted smartphone batteries or on-call duty that is too deeply asleep can have serious consequences in this regard.

The Alarm IT Factory's intelligent alarm system Alarm Control Center (ACC) offers companies active support [...]

Read HERE the entire article in issue 5/2023 of the specialist magazine FACTORY INNOVATION.