Use of ACC with WinCC OA to monitor data centers

A car manufacturer in southern Germany has a redundant WinCC OA-system (building management technology) in place to optimize and monitor the air conditioning of its data centers and other units such as emergency power generators. The air conditioning system ensures that heat is dissipated and temperatures in the data centers are kept within a range suitable for the sensitive devices. Central applications for production, research and administration are operated in these data centers. If a computer fails, serious consequences for the company can thus be expected.

In order to ensure that possible malfunctions are identified immediately and forwarded to the responsible experts, the automobile manufacturer has been relying on the Alarm Control Center.
High priority fault messages are forwarded by WinCC OA to the alarm system. The ACC then notifies the responsible persons reliably and automatically via voice call, push message and E-mail. The alarm is automatically repeated until a responsible technician takes over to rectify the fault. If an alarm is not accepted by the on-call service within 10 minutes, management will be notified. This escalation ensures that disruptions are handled and resolved efficiently.

Through the use of the ACC the car manufacturer can reduce the risk of failure of its data centers and emergency power generators and thus the risk of economic losses while at the same time increasing productivity.