We would like to inform you about the transition of the Alarm Control Center to Alarm IT Factory GmbH.

The important things first:

  • The status Premium Addon for WinCC and PCS7 of the Alarm Control Center remains. This ensures compatibility and very good integration into the Siemens product world.
  • The Alarm Control Center will also be adapted to current technologies in the future, expanded with additional features and the competent and fast support will be further expanded.
  • The continuity of the Alarm Control Center as a product from a wide variety of technological areas such as automotive, building technology, infrastructure, energy, chemicals and pharmaceuticals is guaranteed.
  • The ACC V4.11 was released in March 2015. The release for ACC V4.12 will take place in the third quarter of 2015 and ACC V5 is planned for 2016.

The Alarm IT Factory GmbH was founded by Peter Gunsser and Florian Glufke - both experts in the field of alarm management - in order to ensure the further development of the ACC and the support on a broader personnel basis. Alarm IT Factory GmbH has been Siemens AG's external service provider for alarm management since 2013 and has since provided the following services for the Alarm Control Center:

  • Customer support
  • Workshops and advice
  • Software development and documentation
  • Order processing and delivery
  • Commissioning at home and abroad

The ACC team of the Alarm IT Factory now consists of fourteen experts who take care of all matters relating to alarm management and will be happy to continue to provide you with the aforementioned services as usual, competently, quickly and unbureaucratically.

On June 1st, 2015, Alarm IT Factory GmbH will acquire the Alarm Control Center product from Siemens AG. What this means for you is that the Alarm IT Factory GmbHAs the previous Siemens service provider, you will be your direct supplier for all components of the Alarm Control Center on June 1st, 2015.