Alarm Control Center (ACC) - excellent alarm software

The Center Industry 4.0 For issue 1.2023 (February 2023) of the journal Factory innovation (GITO Verlag) examined and evaluated current alarm software solutions for production. We are happy that we are at the forefront and that Alarm Control Center with the excellent Grade 1.7  was awarded.

To the product test

Factory Innovation Test Alarm Control Center

The product test

This was examined in the course of the product test Center Industry 4.0 the individual alarm systems with regard to their interoperability, alarm processing, range of functions and their general handling.

In addition, the software solutions were each subjected to a practical test consisting of five application scenarios. On the one hand, it was tested how quickly and easily the alarm solution could be implemented and configured. In addition, the configuration and individualization options for relevant functions were considered, as well as the alerting process in general: How successful was the alert, were the escalation levels set up and shift plans observed, and was it possible to successfully acknowledge?

The interfaces offered to higher-level IT systems and possible export functions were also evaluated.

In all respects it could Alarm Control Center convince.

The result

The Alarm Control Center was from Center Industry 4.0 with the Grade 1.7 excellent.

Above all, the reliability, scalability and high flexibility of the system were convincing. According to the experts, the ACC also impresses with its many configuration options and the option of dividing alarms into categories so that urgent faults can be recognized more quickly and rectified with priority. The ACC also received full marks for its intuitive and clear user interface, the alarm itself and for the user-friendly implementation and setup.

Overall, the ACC is a powerful and reliable alarm solution that is suitable for a wide variety of industries and applications.

We are proud and very happy about this great result. It spurs us on to further optimize the Alarm Control Center so that we can continue to offer our customers an innovative alarm solution of the highest quality in the future.