My name is Davide Acquadro and since December 2021 I am excited to be the new Managing Director of Alarm IT Factory GmbH (AIF) alongside Peter Gunsser.

My career at Alarm IT Factory

Even before the Alarm IT Factory was founded, I was able to work in the Alarm Control Center department at Siemens AG during my practical semester. I've been an employee from day one, so to speak. In the last ten years, it has been a great privilege for me to be able to help shape the Alarm Control Center and thus also the Alarm IT Factory right from the start and, above all, to see it grow. Always in close contact with the two managing directors, we were able to further develop, expand and restructure many things. In fact, our company has always been close to its employees. And internal development opportunities are not just on paper for us, they are lived. Over the years, I have been able to record a very positive career at AIF, from internship student, senior software developer, to team and then divisional management to my new position as second managing director. I am looking forward to this new challenge and all the paths that we will take together.

From Bavaria to Swabia

I myself left the beautiful Bavaria in 2007 for the equally beautiful Swabia. Although I still don't order a "Weckle" from the bakery, my family and I feel very much at home here by now. Thus, my daughters already "schwäbeln" (speak in swabian dialect) in a very natural way. As a child of a gastronome, I was born with the “customer is king” mentality. Another reason why I have always enjoyed customer service and put my heart and soul into it. I intend to continue doing so. In addition to all my tasks in the daily work routine, contact with our clientele should in no way be neglected in the future.

Our corporate goals

Even though the last few months and years have been very turbulent and challenging, both due to the pandemic and internal events such as the departure of a former managing director, we would like to hold on to our strengths and develop them further.

We, Peter Gunsser and I, as well as the entire team at Alarm IT Factory, want to make this company, the Alarm Control Center and our services in the area of control technology a little bit better every day. The satisfaction of our customers and employees is particularly important to us!

We are looking forward to everything that is coming. Together with you.

Greetings from Stuttgart

Davide Acquadro